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Welcome to Rest

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aloe + alchemy inspires you to take your self-care to new heights of bliss. As a catalyst for mood-boosting experiences, I invite you to create the time and space for the relaxation you deserve. 

The result? A feel good sensory experience that calls you home to your most radiant self.

Where Luxury Meets Nature

Each gathering is hosted at a serene sanctuary intentionally designed to revitalize

your body, mind + soul, awaken all of your senses, empower your relaxation journey and to discover the kind of rest that feels like a warm hug of nourishing relief.  


"Rachelle thought of everything, including the most thoughtful welcome gift! She took into account dietary needs, sleeping arrangements, planned activities and rest/relaxation.  The Find Your Zen retreat was what I needed at the time: connection,  relaxation,  reflection, and  self-care. I can't wait to join this beautiful human for another retreat 💗  "

- Morgan B

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Meet Rachelle

Welcome in! I am the heart behind aloe + alchemy. My superpower? Inspiring women’s relaxation + inner bliss through curating unique spa retreats + all-inclusive wellness experiences.


For over a decade, I've been drawn to holistic practices and the power of natural healing. Immersing myself in various ancient traditions and alternative therapies has led me to discover my life's purpose: to guide others on their path to wellness and self-care.


So if you are a woman who desires unapologetic + nourishing self-care, join me on this liberating path to find your zen.



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